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At Walnut Creek Animal Clinic we perform many general surgery procedures. Spays, neuters, growth removals and exploratory surgeries are just a few of the procedures our veterinarians regularly perform.

For surgical and dental procedures, there can be a difference in the level of care from one clinic to another. Some veterinary hospitals take shortcuts to reduce price, but those shortcuts also reduce the quality of care and                                                                         comfort that your pet receives.

However, at Walnut Creek Animal Clinic – to offer you the peace of mind you deserve – we require specific supplies, techniques, and procedures to provide the safest and most comfortable surgeries for all of our patients.

Our surgery patients will have an experience very similar to the pre-anesthetic, anesthetic, and post-anesthetic procedures you would have at a human hospital. Pre-surgical blood work, physical exam, pre-surgical pain medication, ECG, IV catheter, fluid therapy, intubation, both gas and injectable anesthetic agents, warming blankets, post-operative pain medications and antibiotics are the basics for any surgical procedure performed at Walnut Creek Animal Clinic.

We also assign a specific technical staff member whose responsibility is to monitor each surgical patient’s temperature, ECG, blood pressure, pulse, respiration, blood oxygen level and adequate circulation every 5 minutes during their anesthetic procedure. This technician is assigned to your pet throughout their entire procedure and time that they spend with us to ensure that they are comfortable and recovering well.

At each patient’s dismissal, we will provide post-operative instructions to ensure quality home care and follow up for a successful recovery.